Armadillo Visits Bellevue Art Fairs

My job is pretty awesome. I get to work for creative people and stay connected in the cultural community in Austin and all over the country. In July, I had the opportunity to visit Seattle to see the Bellevue art fairs. Bellevue has three shows happening at once, so it was a great time to visit and see what the art show scene is like in Washington State (not to mention trading in Austin’s triple digit weather for a cool 75 degrees).

The best part of attending art shows is supporting the art community around the country. Experiencing regional and national art shows has always been important to the producers of the ACB. We like to keep a pulse on what is happening with other art shows; what’s being done right, what can improve the artist and customer experience, observing patterns in the ever evolving art buying market, and just taking it all in.

We also like to visit with ACB artists, who we consider family. By visiting these art shows I feel like I get to peek into the life of an artist, seeing how they live traveling from show to show, dealing with logistics, weather, and being on the road. I get a chance to hear about exciting news (lots of babies this year!), see new work, and get lots of hugs.

Here are a few highlights from my Bellevue visit: