Bruce and Annie Save Seattle from Near Fatal Pinching

We typically head NXNW during SXSW, to visit dad, Julius, who has a waterfront penthouse apartment in downtown Seattle.


While visiting, we took our friend, Judy Cooper, to lunch at Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Lounge on St. Patrick’s Day.

Our waiter realized that he didn’t have any green on, so Annie took off her Armadillo Christmas Bazaar button and gave it to him. We watched our waiter talking to his customers, pointing out the button.  He was delighted and intrigued.  He told us he would wear the button all day and loved hearing about the show.  He was looking forward to looking us up on the web when he got home.  Through out lunch he came by our table often to chat.

The Dahlia Lounge is known for it’s outstanding coconut cream pie, a portion that is way to big for two people. Since we were three, we decided to go for it, but we couldn’t quite finish it off.  When our waiter presented the bill, he comped our pie in exchange for the button!  Leaving our mark on Seattle, even if it’s just a little bit.