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Party at the Moontower Lounge Wonderland

Who doesn’t love a good holiday cocktail party? It’s the perfect excuse to don your best outfit. For any of you with parties on the agenda between now and the 25th,  we’re sharing a few ideas to step up the game for your holiday party.

Whether it’s a corporate affair or an intimate gathering of friends, Party at the Moontower puts together holiday lounge looks that bring an extra bit of pizazz to your party. Let your guests relax and mingle while sipping spiked eggnog!

Recreating a winter wonderland? This lounge set up was inspired by that feeling of fresh snow falling (though maybe not here in Texas!) But imagine being all bundled up, with string lights across the ceiling twinkling above your guests.
Winter Holiday Lounge
The concept of this party is a setup that’s refined without being rigid, sweet without being saccharine, cheerful, abundant, still festive!

This lounge is all about the golden details. Gold-rimmed coffee tables and accents make for a fancier soiree. The added faux fur will make it feel warm and cozy as you serve up hot toddies!
Golden Holiday Lounge
Another December, another company holiday party… and what’s a party without an open bar? If you’re treating your team to free beverages, you’ll need a festive bar to decorate with red berries and greenery. Add in cocktail tables for mingling and set them throughout your venue.
Holiday settings
We’re excited to be working with Party at the Moontower for our Green Room this year, they sure know how to set a festive mood. Let them elevate your holiday parties this year, you’ll be the toast of the town!

Far Out Fittings styles it up!

Artists Lounge
We’re loving the way Far Out Fittings styled our artists lounge. It’s been a cozy place for our bands and artists to chill out for a bit. If you’re in need of cool furniture for your place, definitely check out Far Out Home Fittings, located in the heart of South Austin. Their inventory is updated daily, they have negotiable pricing, and cheap delivery. They also currently have holiday season sales and can help you find that perfect inspired gift that will tickle your loved one’s memories and leave them with a Christmas to remember. Want a peek before you head down there? Their website has a Current Inventory page that is updated regularly!

far out sofa

Not sleeping so great? Far Out Fittings also has a sister company called Lunar Mattress. It’s actually located at the same place as Far Out, kind of a two-for one shopping experience! Let Lunar Mattress solve your sleeping problems with their bed offerings of innerspring, latex foam, and memory foam mattresses along with a variety of accessories. Start your new year off in a new comfy bed.

Far Out Fittings Bed