Funky Finds for Less than a Franklin


As the Associate Producer of the show I get to spend a lot of time scoping out the amazing work of all the artists at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. With over 160 artists and some sharing a booth, I still feel like I miss some really awesome stuff each year. I usually have an under $100 budget for each my gifts and I rarely get to shop anywhere else for Christmas gifts so I thought I would share what I found this year!

photo+2Clockwise from top: Mailing card + envelope by Nemo and Hannah Dreiss | Zipper clutch by Anne-Marie Beard | Guns and nudes gold glass etched highball glasses by Sam Jones IV


Clockwise from top: Aqua Aura Quartz from Crystal Works | Tote bag from the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar | Organic cotton handkerchiefs by Victrola Studio | Cast enamel fabricated necklace from House of Eberstein | On the Way to Imaginarium book with original prints and story by the Vladamir, Daniela and Diliana Ovtcharov | Ceramic tea cup by Jason Hooper


Clockwise from top: Skin repair lotion by Hemp 360 | Limited edition Armadillo Christmas Bazaar Ornament | Dinosaur and Armadillo succulent planters by Plaid Pigeon | Softest shirt on the planet by Sew Lala | Jasmine candle by Lights out | Necklace by Ornamental Things


This is Hank. No, I didn’t get to buy him and no, he’s not under a franklin but if I had $3500 lying around I would so buy him. The picture does not do him justice. He is actually an interactive Zoltar (fortune teller) type sculpture complete with a light at the top, his own bottle of moonshine and a spinning button device. I want him so bad!!