Mr. Chicken, the new Armadillo Office Mascot?!

Mr+ChickenWe are getting close to our favorite time of the year when we get to see the results of another year of hard work.  We particularly enjoy the happy reunion of our community of Armadillo artists during move in.  Even in the 36th season, opening day is still the biggest thrill.  We love seeing the delight and excitement of our patrons.

We’re happy with the progress of our A-Team.  Everyone is working in an area of interest making big improvements to our production.  Nancy Coplin did a great job on the music line up.  We’ve got some excellent new acts this year.  We’re working with Hank Alrich making further improvements on our sound system for the enjoyment of all.

We visited many shows, large and small, this year.  We talked to artists at Bayou City, Cottonwood, Bellevue in Washington State, Georgetown Arts on the Square, Fiesta San Antonio, Art City Austin and made several new friends.  We also made a point of seeing the small local craft shows looking for up and coming talent.

We got a new mascot at the office last month.   Mr. Chicken, aka Captain Gumbo made a surprise entrance into the backyard.  Without a fence or a coop he’s claimed the yard as his own, took the 5 cats as his hens and now rules the roost.  We like him.