Music Monday: Michael Fracasso

Michael Fracasso is not only an artist on stage, but he’s an “Artist in the Kitchen” (as his book is titled) as well. This Austin singer-songwriter/chef can work his creativity in multiple arenas.

Upon arriving in Austin, TX in 1990 from New York City, Michael Fracasso was promptly voted Best New Artist in Music City Texas ‘Insiders’ poll and was able to record his first CD, Love & Trust which features a duet with Lucinda Williams. He was short listed for the Austin Public Library Award for literary achievement in 2011 and was on the “Best of 2011” list for several publications including Third Coast Music, San Antonio Express News and Austin Chronicle.

Fracasso has this magical way of weaving Americana, folk, country, and rock with his smooth tenor voice in a way only he can do to best sing his stories. While “Gypsy Moth” has quite a beat, the slow and soulful “Saint Monday” tends to be a crowd favorite. Fracasso has been working on a new record, “Here Come the Savages,” that’s tentatively due out in January of next year, and we can’t wait to hear it.

Michael Fracasso will play the Armadillo stage Tuesday, December 15th at 3pm.
michael fracasso