New Artist Spotlight: Desarae Lee

Desarae Lee at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Desarae Lee’s work is intricate and whimsical. She creates her work using either pen and ink or a printmaking process called drypoint, which is an intaglio technique similar to etching. Her work makes a great gift for college students, young couples, and kids!

Let’s learn more about Desarae and her work…

How long have you been creating, and how has your work changed?
I’ve been creating since I was a child, but I’ve been doing art for a living for the past five or six years. I would hope that my work has become more refined over time. My style continues to develop as I try to add layers of meaning and complexity.

If you could work in any other medium, what would it be?
I would love to work in a three-dimensional medium, like steel or wood.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
In Utah I live next to some of the most beautiful mountains on earth, so I spend a fair amount of my free time rock climbing, hiking, and camping.

Desarae Lee at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

What makes you excited about doing Armadillo Christmas Bazaar?
I’m always excited to see my other friends who do art shows, and some of my favorites will be at Armadillo this year! I’m also excited to get my first year under my belt, to meet new patrons and get more involved with Armadillo.

Tell us about the first dollar you made selling your art:
The first dollar I made selling my art in recent memory was at my very first gallery show. I only had five small art pieces in that show, and back then I was selling my work for practically nothing! Two pieces sold and I remember feeling amazed that I could make money with something I had drawn.

Is there a band you are looking forward to seeing (or hearing from your booth – ha!)?
I love the music scene in Austin so I’m just excited to hear a breadth of the local music!

Is there an artist at Armadillo you are looking forward to shopping from?
Too many to choose from! Among my favorites are Dave Borba, Shawn Harris, Vladimir Ovtcharov, Steve and Bonnie Harmston…I could go on.

Desarae Lee at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Find Desarae’s work in booth N-1