New Artist Spotlight: Pen Morrison

Pen Morrison at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Houston artist Pen Morrison uses cut steel, painted wood and found objects to make mixed media art, often with a nod to musicians, using lyrics from songs. Her work would be a great gift for music lovers and collectors that enjoy their art with a bit of humor.

Let’s learn more about Pen and her work…

How long have you been creating, and how has your work changed?
I have been making art since my hands could hold things. In fact, my dad has a piece of driftwood with 3 glued rocks that I made when I was 4. I am still using wood in my art, so not much has changed! I also have been painting words in different fonts since high school, so that hasn’t changed much either! But recently, I have taken a turn from my music-related art with my Peace Sign Series, made of found objects, buttons, and painted wood. I also used to make more found object art, but now mainly create it from scratch, using repurposed materials.

If you could work in any other medium, what would it be?
Welding steel, or more letter press printing. Or abstract collage with wood or paper.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Go out and hear live music! Also biking, taking the dogs to the dog park, and finding materials to make into art. And anything my 16 year old son feels like doing with his mom!

Pen Morrison Art Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

What makes you excited about doing Armadillo Christmas Bazaar?
Much of the work I make is a tribute to musicians. I am looking forward to hearing all the great music at the Armadillo, and talking to buyers who also love music! I have heard about this show for years, and getting to be a part of it with so many talented artists and appreciative customers is a dream come true.

Tell us about the first dollar you made selling your art:
In 2011 Whole Foods Market in Houston commissioned me to make a guitar tribute piece. I made “If You Steal My Chickens, You Can’t Make ‘Em Lay” honoring Lightnin’ Hopkins, a Houston legend! It still hangs at the Waugh Drive Whole Foods location. It was not the first dollar for my art, but the first time selling from the series I still make today.

Is there a band you are looking forward to seeing (or hearing from your booth – ha!)?
Dale Watson! He played at my art opening “Don’t Run Dry” at Cactus Music in 2015! I have a tribute piece to Dale Watson that will be for sale at the Bazaar, “Honkiest, Tonkiest Beer Joint In Town”!

Is there an artist at Armadillo you are looking forward to shopping from?
New to the show artist, Brian Phillips.

Pen Morrison Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Find Pen’s work in booth U-4