New Artist Spotlight: Beach Glass Bingo

Armadillo Stacked Beach Glass
Rex Nockengust and Gene Allen from San Diego, CA are the artists behind Beach Glass Bingo. They use sea glass and beach found objects and incorporate them with riveted, forged & twisted metals. Their work is perfect for women who love the beach, ocean, or just having a great time by the water.

Let’s learn a little bit more about them!

How long have you been creating, and how has your work changed?
We started in 2000 in Hawaii. Our first work was very simple; beach glass drilled and strung on leather. After many classes and some mentoring by other jewelers, we found our niche using cold connections. We rivet and twist silver in ways to feature the beach glass trying to keep in mind clean lines and simplicity.

We are constantly reinventing and thinking of new ways to use beach finds. Our ultimate goal is to surprise people with what can be done with found objects.

If you could work in any other medium, what would it be?
Having been actor/singers most of our lives we feel like this is the best place to be. Still artists and having our voices heard through our jewelry. So we are happy to work in this medium.

Beach Glass BingoStacked Glass and Wood Necklace
Tell us about the first dollar you made selling your art:
We were at show in Hawaii for a local museum. A lady bought something from us and said “Oh, what great things you do with the Opala.” So sweet we thought only to find out later that in Hawaiian Opala means trash. However, we realized that it was a compliment saying that we could take trash from the beach and make something wearable.

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Sounds funny, but we love to be in the studio making jewelry. We do love going to farmers markets and the beach, too.

What makes you excited about doing Armadillo Christmas Bazaar?
Being in Austin, meeting a lot of new people and being surrounded by so many talented artists. Also excited to hear all the great musicians throughout the show.

Is there a band you are looking forward to seeing (or hearing from your booth – ha!)?
All of them.

Find them in Booth U-1!