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Art City Austin

April 12-14, shop and browse Art City Austin’s Convergence Fair—an art fest featuring up to 80 visual artists, designers, installation artists, artisans, and makers showcasing and selling their wares at Republic Square. Enjoy
local musicians, performance artists, live food demonstrations by local chefs, food trucks, boozy bevies, kid activities, and interactive experiences. Guests also have access to guided gallery tours and artist talks around town during the weekend. Find some of your favorite 2018 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar artists exhibiting there. Here’s a preview with a handy artist list at the bottom.

Greg Davis National Geographic Photograper
Photography by Greg Davis
Heather Harris
Art by Heather Harris
Mixed Media book tree art by Jay Long
Art by Jay Long
Woodarts Box by Mark Mallia
Woodwork by Mark Mallia
Morgan McBride ceramic platter
Ceramic arts by Morgan McBride
Angie Spears painting of girl with umbrella
Art by Angie Spears
silver jewelry cuff by Fred Tate
Jewelry by Fred Tate

List of 2018 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar artists exhibiting at Art City Austin’s Convergence Fair:
Greg Davis
Heather Harris
Jay Long
Mark Malia
Morgan McBride
Angie Spears
Fred Tate

MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival

The MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival is an annual event that showcases a nationally recognized fine art and fine craft juried art fair, live concerts, performance artists, and street performers on the streets of downtown Fort Worth. Take a trip to Fort Worth, Texas April 11-14 to experience it all. Find some of your favorite 2018 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar artists exhibiting there. Here’s a preview with a handy artist list at the bottom.

Bailey's Jewelry Armadillo Christmas Bazaar
Bailey’s Jewelry
Tanya Doskova
Art by Tanya Doskova
Clifton Henri Photography - Black Beauty 2016
Photography by Clifton Henri
Rick Loudermilk
Art by Rick Loudermilk
Iona Handcrafted Books - handmade leather journals
Handmade journals by Mychal Mitchell of Iona Handcrafted Books
Thomas Leathers
Tom Thomas leather bags

List of 2018 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar artists exhibiting at MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival:

William Bailey
Tanya Doskova
Clifton Henri
Rick Loudermilk
Mychal Mitchell
Horace Tom Thomas

Deep Ellum Arts Festival

The Deep Ellum Arts Festival consists of over 100 original bands and singer-songwriters performing on five stages, 200-juried visual artists displaying and selling their one of a kind works, spontaneous street performances, and over 30 restaurants serving trendy and classic foods & beverages covering six city blocks and adjacent spaces in the heart of the Deep Ellum Entertainment district. Take a trip to Dallas April 5-7 to experience it all. You’ll find some of your favorite 2018 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar artists exhibiting there. Here’s a peek at some of them, and find a handy artist list at the bottom.

Art by Greg Davis Photography
Iona Handcrafted Books
Handmade journals by Mychal Mitchell of Iona Handcrafted Books
Work by Mick Whitcomb
Sculptural Lighting by Mick Whitcomb
Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry
Rebekah Vinyard Jewelry
Zuckerman Art Studios
art by Kevin Zuckerman

List of 2018 Armadillo Christmas Bazaar artists exhibiting at Deep Ellum Arts Festival:

Meet the 2019 Featured Art Artist

This year’s featured art is by Lisa Morales. Read our interview with Lisa to learn more about the artist and work behind the 2019 featured art piece.

Lisa holding up 2019 Featured Art

Tell us about yourself, your artistic background/career, where you are from and where you live now.

I grew up on the performing side of the art spectrum. My aunt owned a dance studio so at three years old I strapped on my first pair of ballet shoes and I didn’t stop dancing until I was well into my 30’s. I graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston and went on to dance professionally in the Houston area. It was not until much later in life that I made the switch to the visual side of art. I was in my 40’s when I took my first drawing class and it wasn’t too long after that I fell in love with mixed media. A few years ago I was signed with a licensing company that has allowed my work to be seen on products throughout the United States, without having to leave Texas. I even have a calendar coming out in the U.K. in 2020. I consider myself to be very blessed to be able to make a living doing something I love.

collage art of raccoon in headress

What was your favorite part to create in the featured art piece?

I always try to hide images in my work that relate to the subject matter. The feature artwork has armadillos hidden all through out the piece and the lyrics to “London Homesick Blues” which is kind of an inside joke to all the artist who participate in the show. This song is played every morning to start the show, and every night as the shoppers are leaving the venue. By the end of the show we know all the words by heart.

How did you get started creating collages?

I used to work in stained glass and mosaics which is just a different media for the same process I use now. Stained glass, mosaics, and collage all take tiny pieces that are used in a jigsaw puzzle fashion to create a larger image. Paper is by far my favorite of the three because I can paint it any color I need, it is lightweight, and never breaks like glass can.

Collage dog portrait

What are your favorite art supplies or tools?

Paper is my main media so I am always on the lookout for papers with interesting writing or graphics on it. I paint and texture the papers I use in my work with liquid acrylic paint. This paint is vibrant and translucent which allows me to use a lot of color that does not completely cover up the markings on the paper. Having both the color from the paint and the markings on the paper make for very intricate texture.

Collage art of a cheetah and zebra

Is there any wisdom you would like to pass on to emerging artists?

I think a lot of people starting out in the business of art forget that art is a business. Talent alone is not enough. Take some business classes, learn some basic coding, make good choices with social media, network, be nice to people, work hard, think outside the box, be disciplined, and after all that, create good work!!