Apply to sell your art at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar.

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. Please review all the content below before submitting an application.

We keep applications open all year long. The Armadillo Bazaar Production Team will review and respond to all incoming applicants of the current year between March and August. Priority consideration is given to applicants that apply early in the year. Applications received August through December will not be reviewed until the following year and it is likely you will not be contacted earlier than March, as the Production Team will be busy putting on the show!

From application to participation we are happy to provide help and mentorship throughout the process. Please refer to the FAQ below before reaching out with general questions. If you still have questions you want to ask before completing the application, please email

Thank you!

What we are looking for:

• Art that expands our variety while avoiding product overlap
• Art that increases our appeal to varied tastes and budgets
• Art that maintains our high standards of quality and presentation
• Unusual offerings
• Artists who have passion, commitment to improvement and work well with others Artists willing to build a sphere of prosperity around the show

What we are NOT looking for:

• Importers (Buy and Sell)
• Commercial product distributors
• Jewelry openings are extremely limited and likely put on a waitlist

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We do not charge an application fee.

You must provide your own walls, no pop-up tents. Most artists have custom built wooden walls, ProPanels, or pipe and drape. Other types of walls are open for discussion.

You must provide your own lighting. At Armadillo we shut off the house lights, and the only source of light for your booth will be the lights you provide. Please ask us for a link to our Lighting Tutorial as a guide to make your booth work in our show environment.

We have a variety of booth sizes. Currently our smallest is 4×10 and one of the largest is 20X20.

Our booths range from about $1,500 to over $5,000 depending on size and configuration. The average booth is a little over $2,000.

Applications are accepted year round.
Applications received:
January – April of the current year receive priority consideration.
May-September are still considered, but may be reviewed for the following year.
October – December will be considered for the following year.

You or your sales help must be present and open for business during our open hours, everyday of the show.

Load-in is always the day before we open. Most artists load-out completely after we close on December 23rd, with the option to finish on December 26th.

Yes. You are responsible for registering your small business with the Texas Comptroller:

Credit cards or bank transfer.

No, if you have filled out an application in the last 3 years you do not need to reapply. Instead, send an email to with your name, business name, any changes to your business since your application, a list of upcoming shows and new images.


“Well run event in every way. The staff did a perfect job of making me feel like I was an important part of the event. I have done shows for 20+ years, and I have developed a personal system to not rely on show management for anything, as many show’s management provide very little support for the artists. The Armadillo Bazaar provides a ton of support and perks, and I wish it could be a model for events around the country. Great event.”
–Michael Schwegmann

“Participating at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar has helped me develop my target audience and given me a venue to refine my business image in terms of display & presentation of my work. The unique customer flow at The Armadillo has prompted me to focus on streamlining my sales systems to make it easier to run cards during high traffic times while still gathering important sales data.”
–Gretchen Von Eberstein

“I met someone with National Geographic in 2009 at the Armadillo Bazaar while exhibiting my work. I received a contract 6 months later. The show has helped me in many ways, one in particular is to be keenly aware of merchandising, placement and lighting. It all matters. Detail details details.”
–Greg Davis

“I have met some of my biggest collectors at the Armadillo. Incredible exposure that brings me clients all year!!”
–Rita Marie Ross

“We love the energy and Christmas spirit at the Armadillo. Since everyone involved is either selling their own artwork or buying from a small artist it is calmer more pleasant shopping experience for everyone. The shoppers are able to buy unique gifts for their loved ones while being able to connect with the artists first hand, which is an incredible thing!”
–Mick Whitcomb

“I believe my confidence definitely increased after selling out during my first show. People didn’t bat an eyelash at spending $1200 for one of my sculptures, proving to me I was worthy to be in this business.”
–Sandy Ball Muckelroy

“Complements on the essential strategic decision to vet each of the vendors on the basis of personality as well as product. Brilliant! It created a room full of solutions and ‘ease’, and for such a long show, comfort and friendships. I liked participating in a show that was mature and well practiced so that systems worked well if you followed the system”
–Michael Terra