Aly Winningham (Booth J-4)

Aly Winningham at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Artist Statement:

“We are all guests of nature, so why do we not behave as such? Choosing to celebrate the magnificent natural beauty all around us and stepping lightly through its fragility is a survival mode I invite you to join through the viewing my works. Sometimes whimsical and often veracious, my work can have a confrontational message to us all.

Using a variety of tools and saws, I manipulate materials such as glass and stones to create harmonious and compelling compositions most basically described as mosaics. As you view my work, you will discover random and often revitalized objects that take on new lives in my narratives. Making my own tiles out of clay brings an additional element to my work. Clay allows me to control the textures and colors that are less flexible in the intrinsic qualities of sheet glass and stones.”