Jamie Rood (Booth U-1)

Jamie Rood at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Artist Statement:

“My artwork originates from an idea or something interesting I find in our environment. I am influenced by hiking in the wilderness, urban decay, ambient music, yoga & meditation and a spirit of exploration.
Connecting with My Art

I hope you will ‘feel something’ while enjoying my images. It may be a fond memory, or more complex emotion. Perhaps the color and texture just speak to you. In any event, I invite you to ‘explore’ and ‘get to know’ my work.
The Process

The images start from photographs I’ve taken, often (but not always) multiple exposures combined into a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image, with some digital editing and touch-up. I sometimes use different light than you may expect to capture the scene in a unique way.

Usually a more artistic realization waits to be discovered beyond the raw, initial ‘shot’, as a beautiful as it may be. Photography & digital darkroom techniques allow me to ‘uncover the depth’, capture more light & color, and edit to create images ranging from realistic to surreal-looking ‘digital paintings’. It may be simply bringing out an object I saw when I took the shot or maybe something I found while editing. The process may involve combining exposures, painting with digitally with the stylus & tablet, combining images to set a mood or tell a story – a lot of exploring for sure 🙂 ”