Lisa Morales Mixed Media (Booth O-7)

Lisa Morales at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Artist Statement:

“There are actually two processes that happen to create my collage artwork. First, I paint and texture papers of all kinds, making mini abstract pieces of artwork with each sheet of paper. By painting my own papers, I have an unlimited palette to choose from that is full of texture and visual interest. My paper collection is amazing!!

The second step is to tear and place each piece of paper individually in a jigsaw puzzle manner to create my main image. Many people who view my work for the first time think it is an acrylic painting. But when they take a step in and get a closer look, they start to see all the pieces of paper. Each piece of paper is different, and there may be as many as 1000 pieces of paper in one piece of artwork, so the longer you look, the more interesting the piece becomes.”