Smith Map Studio (Booth J-7)

Smith Map Studio at Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

My interest has always been art, geography (maps), and history. By combining these three passions I am striving to bring my viewers into a particular time in history by utilizing maps, interesting landmarks, and visuals of historical events and it’s people. By merging all of these elements using pen and ink on acrylics I have rendered a unique, cohesive, and educational experience by visually immersing my viewers into a specific era. My recent works include a blend of antique maps with modern neighborhoods.

Currently I reside in Liberty Hill, Texas near Austin in my house/studio with my wife and two kids. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in 1995. I began my first pen & ink illustration for the Battlefield Texas Series in 2005, now I have several pieces that range from the various historical battle maps to present day pop culture maps.